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About Christian

Christian inspires and motives audiences all over the world to pursue and follow their dreams in all areas of life. As his parents were immigrants, for almost 2 decades he felt like a stranger where he grew up, not able to discuss nor to speak in front of people. He learned from scratch, started with nothing, dropped out of university, learned to present step by step, failed and tried again. He needed to feed his children and wanted to move forward. Christian was determined to succeed but he lacked a lot of experience. Finally, he graduated from the school of hard knocks: Life.

He became a World Champion in Korean Sword Art and a successful International Speaker, Author, Coach, and Speaker-Trainer. 

He is empowering clients to get results fast, to save up to 35 years of a learning curve by providing a system that you can learn too!

Christian's Message to You:
"Today, everybody needs to be able to speak in front of groups, in public, at incorporates, in private groups, even in relationships. You are "selling" the whole time. And most of the time you are somehow successful - or even not.
The problem appears when you don't know exactly what you are doing - You have no clue what works, why it works or why not and what you should do to survive, to improve and to succeed. 
 There are proven procedures that I am going to train you on how to use and apply them in a way you create the results you want to achieve. 
Connect with me for free so we can find out what you need and if I am the right coach and mentor for you. 

Anita Padrutt


As an Architect in a Man's World, Speaking and Presenting to make an Impact on my Audience is absolutely Mission-Critical.

I could instantly implement and use it successfully the following day and create a massive impact and better results than before. My sales went through the roof. You need that training to become truly successful.

What Clients Say

Ariadna Schweri

Social Media Marketer

Before Christian's Training, I was insecure and lacked self-esteem. I was not able to craft a presentation and to speak in front of an audience. 

After Christian's cutting-edge coaching and personalized Training, I crafted a compelling speech and a sharp presentation that helped me to succeed instantly. His Coaching saved me years of trial and error, it improved my self-esteem and it empowered me to support entrepreneurs and dentists to get more clients fast.

Thank you so much, Christian, for training and coaching me. You opened the doors to the life I always dreamt of.

Leo Paul, Sales Professional

Before Christian's Training, I was about to lose my job, producing the worst sales for three years in a row.

After his training, I doubled my income and became from last to be the best Sales-Professional in my company. 

This Training is absolutely powerful. It is more than just about presenting and selling. It unleashes your potential and
improves your life - if you implement, what he is teaching.

Christian enriched and touched me deeply and his training secured my income and the life of my family. 

Who We Are

The International Speaker Academy consists of a group of highly skilled personalities,

all of which have massive public speaking experience but much more important is,

that each and every one of them is coaching you very specifically,

mission-critical skills that you need to succeed.


On Stage. Online. Offline. 

In 1-1 Settings as well as in Group Coaching. 

We provide what you need to succeed. 


Christian Semlitsch
Founder & SpeakerTrainer

Christian Semlitsch, Founder of ISA, Speaker Trainer and International Speaker, Author, former World Champion in Korean Sword Art and Business-Coach wants you to be able to spread your message successfully. He is providing with his Network of Professionals whatever you need to become a powerful and successful speaker. 

Nadine Semlitsch-Zehe
CoFounder & Counselor

Nadine Semlitsch-Zehe, International Speaker & ImageCounselor, is an expert in Styling, Etiquette and Body Language. She has an incredible eye for all the details you might oversee when you are on stage - and by  the way - you are always on stage, because You Are Your Brand! 


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