As a Result of our Training you will become a confident speaker who is able

to provide epic speeches that touch the hearts of your audience. 


You will be able to move them to take action and

they will keep in mind the way you speak. 


You will potentially change lives, but most of all, your decision to become a 

speaker will change your life in a way you never imagined.  

Read, what some of our participants have to say about us. 

The workshop was definitely one of the most intensive experiences in my life – and I am so grateful for that. I hope to preserve them for a long time. I loved the exchange of experiences with the other participants. It will be great to get a chance to attend another workshop of yours... – Denise Jetzer

The workshop was absolutely powerful. It enriched and touched me deeply and I got to know things, that were showing new perspectives at points in my life, where I could not see another way. It was awesome to be together with so many interesting personalities. The way you were building a connection between mind and body was amazing and your trance sessions were so empowering, helping us to focus to the point. – Leonhard P.

Your workshop was a Turbo-Booster. It was a pleasure to me and my wife to attend and we could take out a lot for us personally. You opened doors and windows to new insights without pushing us in any way.
What we loved was the way you presented your knowledge as a possible way to see it and not as the only truth. Also, you accepted other opinions. You were not a teacher but more of a companion.
As we already mentioned, we are very interested in your next workshop. – Michael Leiser

I came back home and I am already using and trying out all the input I got during your workshop. What touched me was to get in contact with my assertiveness and a warrior site in my soul, which I could bring back to life due to your support although it was deeply asleep out of reasons that I only can imagine. But definitely, I know that this side of mine is an important one. The last 5 years I was more concerned about my soft, more tender and humble side to find the power oft hat part of me. – Roland Haller