5 Tips To Improve Your Impact

Every speaker is unique and has his own way to deliver a message. However, here are 5 Tips to improve the impact on your audience.

Speaking at the Burj Al Arab, Dubai

1. Start telling stories

Unless you are presenting facts and figures to an analytical thinking "left brainer", you will get your audience by telling stories. Stories they can relate to or that contain a central message or wisdom, so your audience can relate to it.

Just in case you are in charge to present facts and figures, it is your job as a speaker to bridge the gap between those facts to a story people can relate to. Using some ingredients like humour, drama, information, and conclusion so people can relate their experience to what you present, you will be able to reach most probably all of your audience.

Interestingly the ancient shamans did exactly this to heal, to instruct or even to guide the people of their tribe: They told stories.

When we look at our modern, movie-oriented western culture, we can experience the same thing. Every successful movie is following the steps of the "Hero's Journey", researched and written by James Campbell. And he extracted this structure out of thousands of stories and telling of still existing tribes on the planet.

All of our movies are a carrier for knowledge and sometimes even for wisdom, but most of the time the audience does not get the message anymore - at least in my perception. I interviewed hundreds of people about movies and only a few percentage of them was aware or could extract the superficial message of the movie. But that's another story.

As a speaker, you are being expected to deliver a compelling message, a message that is relevant and the audience can relate to, no matter what the topic might be.

2. Extinguish PowerPoint !

Even if you need to present mathematical or chemical formulas, just get rid of PowerPoint Slides. People are fed up with that kind of slides. They just don't want to hear or to see that anymore.

Be also aware of the fact that when you use PowerPoint Slides, Peoples focus is being driven away from you to the shining, bright screen and since our brain can only focus on one thing, you will lose your audience.

Also, another huge mistake that often occurs when speakers use slides: They start to read what is written on the slides. So you just diminish your presence to become a voice, presenting boring facts and figures.

Instead, you could use emotional pictures that you project to the screen to support your story and your message. It is also much easier to capture peoples attention and to keep them focused on what you have to tell.

Present in a way you are unforgettable, using an emotional wording in your language. At the end of your presentation, invite your audience to get in touch or in contact with you.

3. Use your voice to create emotional tension

A speaker's most important tool is his voice. So if you want to become a professional speaker, it makes sense to get coaching or training from singers or voice specialists. They can help you to use the full potential of your voice when you want to rise certain sentiments within your audience.

· Change the intensity of your speech

· Change the tonality, the speed and the energy you put into it

· Increase all of them if you want to create some drama

· Pause from time to time to empower a specific part of your speech

· Let the audience react to what you say the way you say it.

Imagine an epic movie without any music: It would simply have no impact on the audience. A speaker is like a one-man orchestra, using different instruments to build an atmosphere in order to evoke a specific reaction to a message.

When you are aware of the power of your voice and be able to use it, your speech will become outstanding.

4. Be authentic

Nothing is worse than a speaker who tries to be a presenter of information he cannot support from the heart.

When you appear to be a human being on stage, you instantly win your audience. No one wants to see the perfect presenter, the perfect speaker, the salesperson or the pitcher on stage. You win by being YOU. You lose by trying to be a personality you are not.

Even if you are nervous or forgot something, you can address it. Just don't let yourself be overwhelmed by nervosity or fear while you are speaking.

Whatever you present should relate to you, your beliefs, your story, your mission. Otherwise, your audience will instinctively know that something is wrong which results in losing trust.

5. Never compare yourself to other speakers

I would even say that this is a rule in general. Be aware that you are unique, from the Code of your DNA to the personality and your experiences. There is no other person like you.

Do it the way you feel comfortable, but always give your best in delivering values that are helpful for your audience. Your personality is as important than any content that you want to deliver. As a speaker, you are the brand, the messenger and the message. Trust your inner self.

Everything is within you, but sometimes it needs to be unleashed, polished and trained. Speaker Trainer will be helpful when it comes to bringing out the best of you. It should never be about changing you but about coaching you to become the true you.

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