5 Tips To Improve Your Impact

Every speaker is unique and has his own way to deliver a message. However, here are 5 Tips to improve the impact on your audience.

Speaking at the Burj Al Arab, Dubai

1. Start telling stories

Unless you are presenting facts and figures to an analytical thinking "left brainer", you will get your audience by telling stories. Stories they can relate to or that contain a central message or wisdom, so your audience can relate to it.

Just in case you are in charge to present facts and figures, it is your job as a speaker to bridge the gap between those facts to a story people can relate to. Using some ingredients like humour, drama, information, and conclusion so people can relate their experience to what you present, you will be able to reach most probably all of your audience.

Interestingly the ancient shamans did exactly this to heal, to instruct or even to guide the people of their tribe: They told stories.

When we look at our modern, movie-oriented western culture, we can experience the same thing. Every successful movie is following the steps of the "Hero's Journey", researched and written by James Campbell. And he extracted this structure out of thousands of stories and telling of still existing tribes on the planet.

All of our movies are a carrier for knowledge and sometimes even for wisdom, but most of the time the audience does not get the message anymore - at least in my perception. I interviewed hundreds of people about movies and only a few percentage of them was aware or could extract the superficial message of the movie. But that's another story.

As a speaker, you are being expected to deliver a compelling message, a message that is relevant and the audience can relate to, no matter what the topic might be.