5 Tipps to be more successful as a speaker!

Quite often speakers and presenters lose themselves in talking, explanations and details.

Here is how you can make more impact and be more successful as a speaker.

1. Have a clear goal on what your main message is!

Without having that clear goal, it is easy to lose track and find yourself lost in details. Maybe you even did not get to the end or you were not making the impact you always wanted.

2. Have a clear structure of your speech!

Building and having a speech is like building a house. You need to be clear about the most important points in your presentation and about every mission-critical slide or fact you are going to point out.

3. Do not overload!

A lot of speakers want to give it all and to deliver more that what really makes sense within a given time frame. Point out 3 specific things you want to teach, train or talk about and max. 3 points to each and every main point you are going to talk about. It keeps you short and straigh to the point.

4. Stay within the time frame!

You might want to give more but the organizer who gave you the time slot as well as the audience are grateful if you stay within the given time. You need to be reliable as a speaker & presenter, No Matter What!

5. Practice

You need to practice your speech. At least 20-50 times. Why? Imagine your computer, your slides, your presentation or movie does not work. Your audience is going to judge you on how you master a critical situation.

And even if everything works, do not try to read the slides. You MUST know them. Practice makes permanent!

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