How to build an Investor Pitch

Some may think Pitching an Investor is sort of a cool game or an easy thing and the most difficult thing is just to get in touch with one... But: The mission-critical work lies in the preparation.

Well, of course, getting in touch with a potential investor is one thing, which is definitely a challenge of its own. I would like to give you an idea of what it takes to pitch an investor - knowing that this will not be perfect and complete - but - a few days ago I have been asked by a visionary (but a very low dynamic person) about getting some coaching how to pitch a potential investor.

An investor pitch is something completely different than any kind of elevator pitch (extended version or not). Without proper preparation you will usually not be ready to pitch a major investor with just a short story.

So, what does it take to be ready to pitch an investor?

Let me go through some crucial points:

  1. Why an investor and why you chose THIS specific investor. - Well, decisions are always driven or influenced by emotions. If you want to pitch an industrial investor to build some homes for elderly people, you might not be able to emotionally engage him. So you need to do:

  1. Research. - Research your investor, his personal interests, his business, get information about projects he invested into, charities he supports, personal story and history etc. You also need to find out, what kind of personality he is: Is he very rational, information driven, is he a fast decision-maker, does he love systems and systematic approaches or is he a relationship-person.

  2. Research around your project: Who might be a competitor, obstacles, chances (and rate them), additional cost in worst case scenarios, finances, find our what others do not know easily. You need to have the "secret AddOn" to your project, something that makes you outstanding, special and unique.

  3. Information: You have to do a lot of preparation first. Build your story and potentially your personal attachment to the product or service you are going to pitch about. Do your research about your project like facts, figures, plans, threats, opportunities, securities. Work out and know your business plan and your numbers. You need to be secure about every number you present but you also need to be prepared to any other question ar