How to communicate effectively

"The Word Is More Powerful Than The Sword" is a well known wisdom. But why don't we use the power of language more often to empower students, clients, friends and partners?

We should be aware that the way we think and speak are neurologic patterns that have been conditioned, so to say "programmed" during childhood, education and training. The only problem is: We usually never learned to use the power of our own language when speaking, educating or training people.

As I was recently training doctors in Switzerland to use a more empowering language to activate the clients solution-oriented brains I want to bring this topic into LinkedIn as an motivation to (re-)think your communication patterns.

Our brain is a highly complex solution-engine. Until today, no one is really able to explain, what thinking is, how we form inner pictures, fantasies or inventions. But what we know as a model that works quite accurate is that our brain is working in networks and patterns. We use perception-patterns, thinking patterns, behavior-patterns, action-patterns, thinking patterns, to name a few. They are all interconnected and work together.

The meaning of a word or a sentence consists at least of the following 11 layers:

  1. Wording

  2. Content

  3. Context

  4. Voice-tone

  5. Voice-melody

  6. Intention

  7. Phrasing

  8. Energy/Power

  9. Body-Language

  10. Facial Expression

  11. Micro-Expression

-> Plus - most importantly - the interpretation, judgement and filtering by the client.

This means we should be very aware about the way we speak and present any information to another person. Language should be goal-oriented, easy, structured, understandable, constructive, relevant and concise. If possible also motivating, positive, personal and empathic if we want to achieve a certain goal.

Being inauthentic, trying to lie or using the voice in an inappropriate way will destroy our message as the person who listens will be aware that something is "wrong", does not match or else.


What happens when we do not follow these basic rules is that in a section of our brain is attaching a neurotoxin to the networks that contain information that are defined as threat, to complicated or need to much energy.

As a result, this information will not be stored, is not being processed and therefore of no use. It will be deleted. This is not what we want as entrepreneurs, as marketers, coaches, teachers or trainers.

Therefore the usage of our words can change the world of a client or relative to be best or the worst. As long as we are not aware of the power of our wording, we often fail to achieve our communication goals.

A few examples might be helpful:

You can use questions to activate the brains search for a solution:

  • What if... ?

  • Can you imagine... ?

  • How will you feel when.... xy happens?

  • If xyz happened, what would empower you to identify the change....

You can also use kind of seeding techniques like:

  • I ask myself what would happen if...

  • .. somehow you will see... because...

  • Isn't it helpful to know that...

  • I don't know if you are aware that.... a well known personality like... found that....

To make my point clear: It is not at all about any kind of manipulation but about empowering peoples own solution capability, about activating the brain to find or generate a solution.

Let us use our language with more awareness to generate more effectiveness in the communication with our clients, friends, partners and children.

Contact me to have a conversation about how to use the power of wording most effectively.

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