Why Your Story IS Mission Critical

People love personal stories, whether in sales, in motivational speeches or even in the medical practice - your story has a massive impact to your clients. We are hardwired to learn vicariously through the experience f others. This is the reason why stories are of strategic importance in sales, speaking and many other areas.

Why do we love personal stories, why did storytelling become such a hype?

In fact it is not new at all and far from being a hype. For decades, even hundreds of years, we lost connection to storytelling. But every tribe is using storytelling to pass experiences and knowledge forward to the next generation. Medicine Men use it to heal, to bring people into trance where the healing process is being started and the person heals itself.

In western countries we just lost this connection to our own story. Church and also those who had the power did not want that stories were told. It would have served their goal to suppress people. If people had known more, they would probably not have gone to war - at least this is what I want to believe because I want to believe in mankind.

Storytelling goes back ten thousands of years. I would say it is hardwired in our brains. We learn vicariously through the experience of others - which is the main reason why we are that far in our technical development. And also why we become more sensitive to the stories we are told. Movies and Podcasts are the modern version of storytelling.

In a 1 on 1 or a 1 on group context, we need the story of the leading person, the speaker, presenter, even the salesperson to build trust. We need to know what the person is standing for, what values are important to him and why we should follow him or buy from him or her.

Surpassing this natural need for knowing more about the other persons values ends in loss of trust and most of the time in loss of sales.

On the other hand as a sales-representative, a project manager, doctor, etc. we need to know as much as possible about the values of the client. It is easy to talk about our values and what is important to us, depending on the context of the situation. But little do we know about the client's values.

Of course we can so our research and find out, what the client potentially needs. We can ask him and we can find out about his pain points so we gain indirect information about the person and maybe what is driving him. But it is still a wild guess. What if I showed you an easy to apply approach to know and kind of rate the client? What if you kind of "crack" his inner code so you know what is important to him? Also here: You can ask him. But are you ready to put it into a system that helps you to adapt your communication?

Values are like the Operating System in our lives. We need them to find out who is matching with us and who we can trust. Know a persons values and you can speak to him in a way he or she feels to be seen and understood. Mission critical for any relationship, any sales, any kind of building trust.

To achieve your goals, you need to communicate more customer focused.

Contact me Now for a free 20 min. consultation. I would love to find out what you are up to and to train you deeper in a process that has the power to change your world for the best.

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