Who are We?

The International Speaker Academy consists of a group of highly skilled personalities,

all of which have massive public speaking experience but much more important is,

that each and every one of them is coaching you very specifically,

mission-critical skills that you need to succeed.



On Stage. Online. Offline. 

In 1-1 Settings as well as in Group Coaching. 


You will get everything you need to be a great speaker. 

And you can choose, depending on the skills you already have. 


Every one of you needs to be able to present, to speak and to sell

whatever you are offering in order to achieve personal goals or your life's purpose. 


We provide what you need to succeed.

We are powered by your success. 

Christian Semlitsch
Founder and Principal

Christian Semlitsch, International Speaker, Founder, Author, former World Champion in Korean Sword Art and Business-Coach wants you to spread your message successfully. He is providing with his Network of Professionals whatever you need to be a successful speaker. 

Nadine Semlitsch-Zehe
Impact Counselor

Nadine Semlitsch-Zehe, International Speaker & Impact Counselor, is an expert in Styling, Etiquette and Body Language. She has an incredible eye for all the details you might oversee when you are on stage - and by  the way - you are always on stage, because You Are Your Brand! 

Some Members of Our Coaching Team:
Philip Sykes
Etiquette & Behaviour

Philip Sykes is the owner of the British School of Etiquette. What he trains is not only outstanding, it makes you stand out of the crowd. You never make only one impression but you live your brand. As a result of his coaching you will be aware of the details that potentially make all the difference - in life and on stage. 

Jean-Marc Berne
Voice Trainer

Jean Marc Berne, Author of the bestselling book "The Heart-Voice Connection, is an incredible Voice Trainer who also works for Disney as a Voice-Over Specialist. He will train you to use your voice as effectively as possible to impact your audience.

These are only a few of our worldwide Speakers and Coaches we are working together. Our Network is growing daily to provide you the best Speaker-Training available. A Training that does not only depend on one single opinion but is based on the experience and results of many.