Our Why, Our Mission

As a child, even after coming out of High school, I felt completely unable to speak in front of an audience or to negotiate. Realizing that I would not survive, lacking those skills, I started to attend specific seminars, I pushed myself way across my borders, worked - quite badly at the time - in sales. Late I became a Trade-Show Organizer where I needed to speak in public, to connect, convince and to convert into sales. Many sleepless nights, times to overcome fear and year after year I became really successful in what I was doing when presenting. 


Today, especially in the times of Internet, Online-Business, Online-Classes, YouTube etc. you NEED to be able to speak in front of an audience and in front of a camera.


You need to get a shortcut. Do not waste time. It took me more than 30 years to become the speaker and presenter of today. Now it is time to give back. 


My Mission is to provide you with the best Speaker- and Presenter Training possible. 

A Training that is based on Results and the Experiences of more than 3 decades, 

crafted to work like the precision gear of a Swiss watch, empowering you to succeed,

to make you shine and ready to spread your word. 


The way you will be trained, is cutting edge know-how.

The way we train you will make a huge difference in your life. 

As a Result of our Training, your presence on stage and in front of any audience will be unique. The way you speak will have a huge impact on your audience and they will feel as if you were speaking directly to their hearts.


It only needs One Opportunity, One Deal to change your life.

And so, You will be the Real Deal for those who are waiting for your message. 


The moment you start to believe in yourself as we do

will be the moment when your life will massively change. 


You deserve it. 

And we will give it all to you! 


Christian Semlitsch
Touch Their Hearts!

The Result of our Training will make you and outstanding Speaker, You will stand his ground and deliver EPIC Speeches. 

Our Role Models are the best of the best - and we will teach you step by step what the most successful speaker know and do.  

Nadine Semlitsch-Zehe
Your Are The Brand

You never have a second chance to make a first impression. It sometimes takes years, even a lifetime to build a brand. Your Brand. And it can only take seconds to destroy it. We will train you to be, to live your brand. There is on on-stage or off-stage. 

Philip Sykes
Become The Best You!

The way you think will show in the way you behave and act. On Stage, Off Stage, in Your Relationships, Business and where ever you go. Become the best possible you and you will never lose a gig or a business deal due to mistakes in your behaviour.

Jean-Marc Berne
Your Voice is Your Power

After you completed your Training, your messege will be powerful and in the same way your voice needs to be trained. it is your secret weapon to touch-base with the emotions of your audience.