Women Speakup: Present & Persuade

Are you tired of hearing prejudices like:
  • Women are not natural leaders.
  • We cannot rely on women - They always put kids first.
  • We don't think she can handle this
  • Don't take it personally
  • We don't think she can take over that much responsibility
  • Women just can't do it.
  • Women are meant to be in the household 
  • I never met a woman in an executive position who really gets it
  • We never had a woman in that position before.
  • Women are sick too often
  • Women are better in taking notes and supporting a boss
  • Why are you getting emotional about this?
  • You are so emotional - this does not fit into a leading position
  • Women are better in planning than in leading.
  • A woman in that position does not work.

To become an impactful presenter and communicator is a journey of its own. Whether you want to be able to persuade and communicate effectively in a corporate company or as a female entrepreneur - the principles remain the same. 

In fact, becoming a speaker in the sense of an entrepreneur who's mission is to speak, to communicate and to spread the word, sharing ideas or project, means you are going to enter a huge and worldwide market. Whether you are in a Corporate or building your career, the ability to present,  persuade and impact is a mission critical ability.

Why? It is still a man's world.


To make career, to move ahead and to be successful you need to know the rules, the Do's and Dont's, how men think and judge.

Don't wait until men start to understand you. It did not work the last 5000 years. Why do you think it will change during your lifetime? It is up to you to get the skills to get your place in the company or in business.


Besides the general rules of presenting, this Bootcamp is designed to help women to be successful in presenting in corporates or as entrepreneurs. 

Communication is key. You need to have the right key to open the doors to career and success. 

As a result of this 4-day intense Presenter Bootcamp you will be able to:

  • Overcome your fear of speaking in public

  • Speak and present effectively

  • Find your voice

  • Craft a unique Message

  • Use different techniques to present successfully

  • Know how to get a message across

  • Know how to address men in an audience

  • Speak without preparation

  • Build a message that has an impact

  • Sell from any stage

  • Persuade your audience

  • Be authentic in any situation

  • Master any situation on stage

  • Understand how men's brains work and what is different to female brains - and how to use that in your presentations to generate impact.

  • How to generate better results in corporates by knowing exactly how your mostly male audiences brains work.

Also you will be able to:

  • Know how to market yourself

  • Build your marketing from scratch

  • Build your assets

And you will have the chance to practice and to get direct personal feedback as well as your personal videos of your presentation(s). 


This Event is especially designed and only  for women.

If you want to design your life, your future, whether inside a company or in your business, then it is up to you to make the next move. Take over the place you are meant to have. The #1 skill is the ability to speak and present effectively to any audience. This skill is not based on talent. It can be transferred, and I strongly believe that you can learn it too. Make your move, take yourself to the next level.

Time and Date

Wed, Jan 29, 2020, 9:00 AM –
Sat, Feb 1st, 2020, 12:00 PM CEST 
Just in Case...
Keep the Sunday free, there might be a bonus.
Basel Area
(Exact place to be communicated 2 weeks prior to the event). 


Early Bird: Until Dec. 31st.           -> CHF 2797.-
Standard:  Until Jan 29.                -> CHF 3497.-
Take your future in your own hands.
Do not wait until men are ready to understand women.
Design your future by yourself Now.
Get your Seat. Design Your Destiny.